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Established in 1977, all member companies of ALPINEXPORT INTERNATIONAL GROUP (AIG) believe that it is possible to be involved in business while maintaining good ethical values.

This is to say that one can be successful in business while acting honestly, truthfully and fairly.

Therefore, honest, truthful and fair treatment of customers, suppliers and employees is the most important goal of ALPINEXPORT while it tries to make a profit.

Fast & Reliable Export Services

Years of experience have provided ALPINEXPORT with the knowledge and privileges needed to acquire only the finest products and technologies from US, UK, Europe and overseas markets.

As current global conditions change, ALPINEXPORT is once again at the forefront of the sector, able to supply most of what you need, whatever your business or industry.


ALPINEXPORT has a proven history of large business capabilities. Our unique model is to provide world class products and services to our customers.

Our customers come from most areas and sectors and many of them are prime contractors, government agencies, or select enterprise organizations.

The success of our business is to provide resources for the success of others.

Business sectors throughout ALPINEXPPORT INTERNATIONAL GROUP include...












Although we have extensive local knowledge, we are part of the international trade, operating globally.


For all issues please contact us by e-mail via info@alpinexport.com and we shall try to respond as soon as possible according to the time available and priority. For a faster process please contact your local agent.

Information on ALPINEXPORT INTERNATIONAL GROUP (AIG) web sites is subject to change without prior notice.

Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, ALPINEXPORT makes no guarantees of any kind, linked to any information presented, referenced, or implied.

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